Patty McGown, MS, LPC, RYT
Licensed Professional Counselor
Registered Yoga Teacher
Rice Lake, Wisconsin

My name is Patty McGown and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor at Therapy for Balanced Living in Rice Lake Wisconsin. I offer outpatient counseling for adults dealing with difficult every-day-life experiences including trauma, abuse, neglect, and abandonment, anything experienced as less-than nurturing, depression, anxiety, sexual issues, relationship issues, grief, loss, woman’s issues, and family of origin issues. In my practice, I utilize my training with Pia Mellody and from Meadows in Wickenburg Arizona, and empirically based methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mind-body awareness and other therapeutic techniques. Together we create a safe space, recognize triggers; increase tolerance to emotions (such as anger, sadness, fear and pain, shame, and blame, joy and love); release trauma memories from the body; reframe cognitive distortions; and manifest a commitment to change. As a Meadows Trained therapist and according to Pia Mellody, people who struggle with low self-worth, boundary failures, self-reality, difficulty with needs and wants, and issues with control, may be stuck developmentally. If this seems like you go from acting like an adult to acting like a teenager or a small child, seamlessly, working with this model may help you. It's a complex model, and it works because it explores the challenges and struggles of being human in relationships. If you long to feel connected to others in a relational way, know inherently that you are worthy of love, learn boundaries, understand the human condition that connects us all, learn to care for your own needs and wants, and seek balance in life, counseling at Therapy for Balanced Living may help you. Additionally, I use mind body awareness therapeutically in my practice. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher and I teach several yoga classes locally and have a regular following of students who benefit from their yoga practice. If it is something that you are interested in, I may incorporate the benefits of yoga including breathing techniques, gentle body movements, and awareness of body sensations. Yoga has been around for thousands of years because the benefits are incredible, yet it may be new to you. The language of the body is the language of sensations and yoga may help teach this language. The benefits of yoga include building stamina and strength, endurance and flexibility, poise and grace. Practicing simple yoga movements may improve balance which helps increase concentration and focus. Other benefits of yoga and mindfulness include living in the moment rather than the past or the future. If you are struggling and feel “stuck,” counseling may provide a turning point for dealing with issues of everyday life. Nationally, taking care of one’s mental health is front page news. However, the stigma associated with mental health, and the tendency to synonymize “mental health” with “serious mental illness,” seems to make accessing mental health resources a challenge. In my practice I offer counseling to humanize the process of seeking to address issues around mental health. If you notice that what is written here are concepts that make sense to you, if this sounds interesting and you would like to discuss it further, if you have any questions, or you would like to schedule an intake, please call me at 715-234-5679. I accept cash and/or check for payment at time of service, and I offer a sliding fee scale based on income and number in household.

outpatient therapy for

  • Exploring issues of self-worth, boundries, self-identity, needs and wants, self-control and rediscovering your spontaneity
  • Improving relationships with self and others
  • Helping Prevent issues and concerns from developing into more serious problems
  • trauma (any life experiences that are less-than nurturing)
  • Life skills and other issues
  • Woman's issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Grief
  • Loss

adjunctive yoga therapy

Registerd Yoga Teacher since 2004 (RYT)
Certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY)
* Research supports yoga as an adjunctive methos of treatment with talk therapy
* Helps regulate the connection between emotions, thinking, and behavior
* Helps PTSD and other complex trauma
* Safe, slow, gentle pace
* Private and/or group classes available


  • Using breathing methods and grounding exercises to increase awareness


Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Trained at The Meadows in Arizona, using Pia Mellody's model for processing trauma, self-discovery, co-dependency, co-regulation, improving relationships, intimacy and addressing addictions.

Patty McGown, MS, LPC, RYT
Licensed Professional Counselor
Registered Yoga Teacher
Rice Lake, Wisconsin